Monday, July 1, 2013

Basic magic, 42-61

Back to the grindstone - more basic magics.

Thinking about this (actually, thinking about developing 2nd level spells, then 3rd level, then....) I'm not too sure about the level system of spells.

Maybe there are just basic spells, a few advanced spells, and the game/world changing spells require special quests, grants from the gods, sacrifices or sacking unfathomable ruins? Perhaps high level spellcasters jealously guard their 2-3 unique spells, and research is the only option after a certain level?

Sounds like a world where magic is rare, or at least uncommon, and mages have to think strategically about problems rather than solving it with an enchantment?

Anyway, onward with the basic spell list;

42. Empathy - lets the caster perceive the basic emotions the target is feeling - fear, pain, anger... Not much else, although it can allow basic communication where language isn't an option.

43. Endurance - the target only tires at half the normal rate for the activity. Useful for encouraging overloaded hechmen...

44. Whisper - the caster can whisper and be heard as though they were right next to a known target within 100m. The target cannot reply to the caster. Good for triggering ambushes or passing information.

45. Fool's Gold - yes, the old chestnut. Makes a handful of anything solid appear as gold, gems, coins. A basic but powerful illusion, and the victim's chance of detecting something amiss is proportional to the value of the illusion.

46. Sharpen - by lightly cutting themselves on a blade, it adds +1 to damage done by said blade until the spell expires.

47. Fear - makes one target afraid of the caster. The outcome of this may vary.

48. Talk to Vermin - because the rats see things. Doesn't make them friendly, but they are inquisitive and can be bribed with food, especially fresh meat.

49. Wolfspeak - again, the wolves see things, and they are different to what the rats see. Again, doesn't make them friendly.

50. Snaketongue - ok, you get the idea. I'll stop now...

51. Ventriloquism - yes. Like it says on the tin. Voices, over there.

52. Birdcall - summons a flock of whatever the most common birds are in the environment. They can be directed to do things but not anything that puts them at great risk.

53. Gust/Breeze - EITHER a one-off strong wind gust that scatters scatterable things and staggers warriors, OR a constant moderate breeze. Your choice. Channelling the elemental powers can be so rewarding.

54. Follow - the caster can track one target, Must be known, or very well described, or be in possession of a treasured item of theirs.

55. Will o' the Whisp - forms a ghastly floating light that can lure the unwary or gullible in a direction chosen by the caster, or they can control it like a lure.

56. Image - the basic illusion. Not moving, no sound, doesn't taste of anything either.

57. Bombard - needs a bit of rubble lying around - stones, coins, bones, cracked pottery. The spell causes them to pelt the target/s, doing only d6 damage (-armour) but requiring a concentration check to do anything that round.

58. Ice Baby - a narrow ray of frost that only does d6 damage to a target but can freeze them in place until they resist the spell. Or freeze a door shut, or really kill a plant.

59. Lodestone - the caster can detect the direction of north, and their rough elevation. Only useful if you have a map.

60. Rain - yes, temporary and limited in duration, and a LOT harder in a desert than a mist laden swamp.

61. Catspaw - the caster makes a lot less incidental noise, and casts no shadow - another stealth spell.

Again, that's all...

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