Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Basic magic, the next installment...

Well, winter here, and it's rather mild. After the drought last summer, the rain is even bearable.

No real advances in RPG thoughts over the last few weeks, apart from working out my longest lasting campaign has ended, due to the four of us being in different cities, and even hemispheres. The characters are now NPCs, to populate the world and go their own ways.

Still, their exploits are recorded for the ages - from slaying ogres near the town of Stalish, braving the Black Tower, investigating child abductions in the coastal cities, restoring the heir to the throne of Vestland (a hurriedly converted Destiny of Kings with extra bits added), exploring ruined lizardman cities in the Southern swamps (and tracking down the evils released) and finally helping restore the leadership of a destroyed realm of the North.

It was good, and we only had two PC deaths. I think the emphasis was on exploration and discovery rather than fighting and death traps, as combat was rather deadly, and to be avoided unless necessary or when you had a clear advantage.

But onto the magics!

62. Insight - Gives the caster extra intellect, inspiration, insight, even, for the duration. Raises their intelligence to 16 (if below 16), or 19, if 16 or above, along with all applicable bonuses.

63. Valor - removes the fear, or allows the target to resist fear. May work on other emotions, may not.

64. Sparkle - a thing (object, person, door) touched glows with sparkly lights. More a part of a wall than being able to light up the castle...

65. Buoy - the targeted person or object floats in water. Again, a limit on the size of the object to something liftable. Although a higher level application of this spell would be impressive.

66. Beacon - a bright ray of light from the casters hand. Good for locating lost adventurers in the snow, bad for sneaking.

67. Confuse - One target. Anything from momentarily losing concentration to forgetting what's happening and wandering off to smell the corpses.

68. Disinfect - important for medical purposes, and a main benefit of magic to the general population. Kills germs, moulds, insects (small ones).

69. Shrink - down to half size. Any living target. Have fun.

70. Enlarge - up to one and a half times normal size. Strength, etc, scales as well.

71. Alarm - a loud, annoying noise after a set duration or when disturbed. Maximum 12 hours delay.

72. Web - be Spiderman! Actually, a sticky strand up to 10m long. Sticks to things but not really effective as a weapon.

73. Strength - Empowers the target, literally. Same effect as #62, only strength. Try not to be inconvenienced when it expires.

74. Monkey's Grace - And reflexes/dexterity can be increased the same way.

75. Slow Poison - As curing poison isn't an option at these levels. Basically prevents the poison from acting for somewhere between an hour and a day, depending on it's strength and lethality.

76. Cure Pox - and other common diseases. Shows why mages are so popular in small rural towns, after the initial distrust wears off. Uncommon diseases less likely to cure.

77. Acid Blade - gives a weapon a slick coating of nasty, sticky acid. First blow in anger does an extra 2d6 damage. Can also be used to mess up or dissolve locks, doors, faces. Doesn't do the weapon much good, though.

78. Staff of Snakes - one end of your staff animates as a snake head. Random which type of snake - if poisonousness, then it bites, if not, it wraps around stunned prey. Will ruin the staff if the spell exires when wound around a victim.

79. Water - conjures, out of thin air, one litre of fresh water per level of spell, tricked out of the caster's cupped hands over one round. Bring your own container.

80. Stun - a mystical blast of force does d6 damage to a target and stuns them for one round if they don't resist. Plenty of time to run away...

81. Purify Air - makes a defined area of air pure, breathable and good for the lungs, even if other effects or spells are messing with it.

82. Anger - makes the target angry.Use at your own discretion, as some people are not nice when angry...

I'll be finished soon.....

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