Thursday, June 27, 2013

First level spells, 21 - 41

Quick post as I have some building to do in the shed tonight, and it's freezing out there...

More Spells;

21. Shield - an almost transparent shield (normal shield size) appears floating in front of the caster and protects them as a normal shield for the duration of the spell. 

22. Doze - not as powerful as the ubiquitous sleep, this spell makes a sleepy, bored or inactive target fall into a natural sleep. Not for felling a room full of goblins, but for sneaking past the lone guard.

23. Break - allows the caster to attempt to break a fragile object within about 4m. Objects include glasses, potion bottles, crystal ornaments, thin windows, etc. If being held by a person, need to overcome their magical defence.

"And, bang, there went his last healing potion..."

24. Telekinesis - anything that could be lifted and carried in one hand (caster's hand) can be slowly moved and manipulated within 4m, but with little strength. Turning a key might be about it. Stabbing someone with a knife - not unless it's really really sharp...

25. Slithery Rope - provided the caster is hanging onto one hand, the rest of the rope (max 20m) can slither along floors, through gaps, and up walls, and tie loose knots. It can't rise up through thin air, and can't tie anyone awake up. Can form trip ropes, though.

26. Paresthesia - a sensation of tickling, tingling, or burning of a person's skin with no apparent long-term physical effect. Gives the caster a touch attack, doing 1d6 temporary damage with each attack to a target, leaving them needing a good night's sleep to recover fully.

27. Temere - this enchantment emboldens the target, making them act more rashly and foolhardy. Useful on the party's thief...

28. Moonglow - another light source, this one creates a soft glow within a 5m radius.

29. Dig - allows the caster, by making shovelling gestures, to move 1 cubic metre of dirt, soil, muck, etc in 1 minute. Multiple castings needed to dig a moat.

30. Dazzle - bright flash blinds all looking in the direction of the caster within about 10m. Clever parties use a code word to remind them to NOT look at the mage.

31. Grease - coats 4 square metres of ground, a person, an object, a pig, etc with a thin layer of slippery grease. Produces hilarity all around. The grease evaporates when the spell expires.

"We're running because her spell missed and hit the King's saddle, while he was in it"...

32. Ice Darts - three of them, that can be thrown in one round at one target. 1d4 damage each, but if all three do damage, the target must roll under STR on d20 or take another d6 damage and be frozen until they make the STR roll.

33. Phantom Mail - a ghostly shimmering armour coat surrounds the caster, and absorbs 2d6 damage of physical damage before fading.

34. Preserve Dead - this spell affects one dead body, and ensures that it will not rise as undead in the next month. Useful in certain circumstances. Also does 2d6 damage to any lesser undead (zombie, ghoul - not skeletons - doesn't work on bones).

35. Prestidigitation - quick fingers, sleight of hand. Allows the caster to manipulate small objects such as coins, cards, rings secretly. Great for card sharks...

36. Fumble - target takes a pratfall, juggles what they are holding, etc - if in a dangerous situation where dropping what they hold could cause drastic problems, they can avoid it, but be distracted for a round, by rolling under DEX on d20, but failing this may involve a trip to any fumble table you have lying around.

37. Protection - yet another armour-for-mages spell. This one gives +2 to their Armour Factor for the spell's duration.

38. Warm - protects the target from the effects of natural cold. Will bring them up to a safe temperature from moderate hypothermia, but as it doesn't last that long, other measures really need to be taken if you're in the Arctic...

39. Cool - protects from overindulgence concerning natural heat, like a reserve of the spell above. Same, can cure the effects of heatstroke, but they will get it again if subjected to the same conditions.

40. Sate - allows the caster to ignore the effects of a day without food or water. They are still in serious trouble and will weaken and die without water after a few days, but this allows them to avoid feeling hungry or thirsty.

41. Push - a light force, like a firm but gentle push, on a target or object within 10m. Useful if Hozal the Necromage, your sworn enemy, happens to be leaning out a high window when you see her.

That's all for now, but stay warm (or cool), where-ever you are.

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