Tuesday, March 6, 2012


[Flash of lightning and evil sounding music]

Well, I've been busy this year, with work restructuring (the perils of a right wing government), my friend making lots of extra locations for Skyrim, Skyrin itself, and the new edition of Dwarf Fortress.

But I've managed to both find my long lost Dragon Warriors/ Adventure Path campaign notes and sheets.  Three Dragon Warrior characters being run through a slightly modified and converted (on the fly) "Age of Worms".  The series from Dungeon Magazine...

It was worth a shot, and the first adventure [The Whispering Cairn] was fun, with interesting NPCs, a ghost, the characters befriending the 'wrong' side, ancient mysteries and the killing of a necromancer.

The second one, "Three Faces of Evil" was not fun, as it consisted of three linear dungeon crawls, and as combat in DW is quite dangerous and healing is quite rare, it dragged on and made little sense.  That's where it ended, slogging through a grimlock infested gauntlet with low health points.

I've glanced at the later adventures, and they start to be infused with 3rd Ed. D&D silliness, where too many types of creatures appear and plot lines are stretched or left unfinished.  The setting I use is much lower fantasy and less heroic, so if we ever pick up that group of immoral treasure hunters, we may go back to one page dungeons