Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Treasure Assortment #2

Well, I'm finally starting another campaign, as the last one started has suffered from lost character sheets - I assume they are somewhere with my copy of U1, but that's gone as well.  Given how full the house is, I'm not surprised...

This one involves the desert region on my Big World Map, and the characters rolled up so far are a Water Elementalist born into and raised by pirates; a Barbarian woman, from the Draakan Saltflats half a continent away; and a down-on-his-luck City Thief.  I've paired them with a Sorcerer NPC that was a PC in another not-quite started campaign for the first adventure...

Which will be "The Darkness Before Dawn", the introductory adventure from the reissued Dragon Warriors, but with a heavy dose of adaptation for the setting and my house rules.

Anyway, the other Royal Treasures for the Vault of Silent Wraiths...

11. The Orb of Tsaris - a golden orb ablaze with jewels, so big so it can be cupped in two hands.  It subtly conveys power and charisma to any holding, making them more open to their suggestions or orders.

12. The Jade Axe of the Storm Gods.  Make of that what you will, but it should involve a real fight to get hold of, and the Storm Gods will probably try and get it back.

13. A paper thin white jade teapot, set with star rubies.  Tea brewed in it, if carried out using the proper protocols, also heals 1-4 hp when drunk.  There are rumours of this teapot being used in the middle of battles, with all combatants taking care to avoid disrupting the ceremony.

14. The Empress's Ring.  Jade cabochon set with diamonds.  Gives any with it on their person (i.e. don't need to wear it) skills of diplomacy and secrecy.

15. A small book of jade sheets written with gold leaf, bound with gold wire.  It contains a unique spell or secret magics, but the owner will find they are the target of every thief, magic user and sage who also desires the book...

16. A Jade Dragon Statue, some 10m long.  A special wand and secret word is required to make it animate, where it will fly a reasonable number of passengers to any place known to the summoner.  Once only use per secret word.

17. A really good quality woollen wall tapestry hanging, of a vast battle or historical event.  Hidden in the detail is a map to the hidden Royal Treasury, including all the traps.

18. A collection of crystal and soapstone jars and bottles, all sealed.  Can contain magical, dangerous or beneficial remnants of ancient potions.

19. An ivory headdress, in the shape of an eagle.  The wings sweep down either side of the wearers ears, and the claws stick out the front, above the wearers eyes.  Gives powers of excellent sight, clear thinking, and amazing disco moves.

20. A matched set of six hand sized golden figurines of royal looking elves.  They separate at the waist, and contain coloured powders.  These will produce wondrous effects, explode or summon little known monsters when combined with liquids.

21. A brass, copper and silver astrolabe of a planetary system that is definitely not that of where-ever it is found.

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