Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Khosh Swamp Map

So the name of the setting keeps switching from Kopesh to Khosh - think I'll make that different culture's names for the same place.  Anyway, here's my map;

Not up to most standards, and my handwriting is terrible, but I'm suitably proud of it. (Larger image here)

Using the Echo Resounding campaign design approach (pages 9 to 28), there are now Cities (the bigger circles), Towns (smaller circles), Ruins (a black R with a number), Lairs (black X with number) and Resources (red number). Each of these has one or more short descriptions added, from Fishing to the short paragraph about the Ebon Mages (X22)

The tables in the book give suitable table options for the type of each, although they require a good amount of DM fiddling (my d12 seems to have developed a 4 addiction, which would give me far too many bandit camps) and knowing more or less what kind of things you want to produce at the start gives you a direction to steer the randomness in.

The Hall of Infamy is more a Hall of Heavy Hitters, as some are not exactly evil, but could make good enemies. Also, as the area is way bigger than recommended, I've doubled the number at each level.

Epic Level Bad Guys

These are the legendary bogeymen that mothers scare their children with, and the subject of whispered tales late at night around safe, warm campfires. Each is (or will probably be) an enemy of Epic proportions should any players reach the high levels.

The Black Stalker - Maro Darkhand, Khomesh Hunter.

The Black Stalkers are the legendary captains of the nameless Necromancer that was finally overthrown and imprisoned in an alternate dimension during the final years of the reign of the First Empire. They were all mighty heroes that were betrayed, tricked or surrendered to the Necromancer's power. Think Ringwraiths, but fully physical and no elves. They are from the initial setup of this campaign, where I needed independent big bad guys for some reason.

Maro was a Prince of the native peoples of this area some 4,500 years ago. Strong and lithe, he was a mighty and feared hunter that killed through both battle and assassination. Failing to assassinate the Necromancer, he was enslaved and converted, and, in the millennia since his master was chained, has recently taken to dwelling in a Black Tower in a ruined city (the large B centre top). He stalks the mountaintops, killing lone travellers and wearing their skins, but if enraged or tempted, could devastate a small city single-handedly.  Has befriended some snow dwelling Ogres that carry out tasks too minor for his attention.

The Breath Stealer

Honestly, I'm still not sure what this actually it. The name inspired by this Magic Card, but aside from this Evil dwelling in a famous underground dungeon, there's little information. Perhaps delvers may wake this sleeping abomination and the world will discover the meaning of the name.

Nest instalment, the lower two levels of Infamy.

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