Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kunili Part 2 - Personalities

Here's something I jotted down straight after the last post, but has languished while I had a bad cold, my wife had a bad cold, and after I bought Sword of the Stars... I equally love Fantasy RPGs and Space Empire building games.  For some reason, SciFi RPGs leave me cold.

From http://ayris.wikispaces.com/

But on with the people in your neighbourhood, at least if you live in Kunili...

The current Ruler is Lord Kazrees Brightwater, a former mercenary captain employed by the City during an invasion by a neighbouring city some 25 years ago.  As the last one of any rank standing during the initial counter attack, he received a field promotion from the dying Guildmaster.  Following the unexpected victory, a wave of public support kept him in charge, and he has never found good reason to step down since.  He is still a military man, level-headed but a little too literal. He spends most of his time engaged in either martial pursuits (falconry, hunting and swordplay, mainly) or holding the Guilds in check.

Guildmaster Merastor Sadin, Master of the Merchants Guild and the centre of the black market in the City.  Considers Kazrees too inflexible, but enough seems to be able to be snuck past him to be tolerable for the moment.  Merastor is a large and florid man, loud and bearded.  He prides his collection of stuffed animal heads, and will offer favours to those that bring him more exotic or rare examples.

Nin of the Burning Skull.  Plainsman, expert rider and Captain of the Guards.  Informal, insulting, honourable and always seeks revenge for any slights suffered or imagined.  Actually seems to like adventurers, and wears tokens of defeated foes. Prefers ears.

Chilerosen - Swordsmith and blade sharpener.  Also the first person ever to return from the third level of The Weeping Skulls.  Feels the call of the dungeon in his dreams, but lives vicariously through the many stories told by adventurers who frequent his shop, in the poor area near the north gate. He is a robust figure, large, red-haired and a heavy drinker, and an expert swordsmith and swordsman.  His forge is a general hang-out for serious adventurers, but bring your own drink.  Will repair arms and armour for average prices, if stories of the dungeon accompany payment, and he finds time to make 2-3 blades a month (despite the drinking) which are highly sought after and sell for triple normal price.

Thiolin, Elven diplomat.  Thin, languid (think David Bowie in the mid 70s) and exceedingly decadent, and the placid centre of a network of spies and informers.  He controls Elven involvement in both the Guilds and the Black Market and can source anything illegal and even most legal substances when required.  Is rumoured to be a Cleric, and has strange powers of illusion and darkness, but few understand the complicated ancestor worship of the Elven Cities.

Sonistos the Graceful.  Aged but elegant and slender sorceress, and, by default, both the ranking mage and Chair of the Mages Guild.  She is quiet and remote, but respected by all good citizens.  Her magical talents lie in the disciplines of Alteration and Constructs, and she has indicated an interest in the strange mechanisms that lie in the Weeping Skulls.  Hair, eyes and robes usually a shade of yellow.

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