Friday, July 22, 2011

Wow - four posts in a year.  Not good, but I will try to do better...

Here I plan to post basically systemless ideas, settings, people or events for others to use as they want or give them ideas, even though I can't compete with the awesome Old-School RPG blogging going on these days.

I've got a huge amount of scrawled notes on various RPG campaigns, some used and worn out, some not, some  that don't really fit anywhere.  Where I pick up ideas, I usually write them down later, and then adapt them to my type of campaigns, where high level magicians keep a low profile so as to avoid unnecessary attention and not every tavern is run by a retired high level fighter.

I plan some sort of structure to this eventually, but it's getting late, so here's one of the things that may be happening in the north eastern part of the main empire in my current campaign;

Enerahna the Shadow Queen

Formerly a minor sorceress and youngest child of the ruling family of a moderately sized frontier domain just beyond the eastern borders of the Empire , following the sudden, unexpected and unrelated deaths of her parents and four brothers (disease, falls, hunting and horse riding accidents, and drowning) Enerahna (pronounced En-e-ranna) the Pale ascended as sole ruler only four years ago, during a memorably wet spring.

Within the first year of her reign, border disputes with a newly aggressive bordering barony, goblin raids from the mountains and a spate of banditry disrupted vital trade routes and created hunger and poverty.  Following a failed assassination attempt, Enerahna the Pale disappeared into the mountain wilds to the north with a mysterious stranger.  She returned a week later, alone, with a glowing crown that gives her greater magical powers, and allows her to summon faceless warriors clad in strangely ornate suits of full plate to serve her.  These 'Shadow Knights' (as the common folk refer to them) are deadly in battle, but although they have quelled the raiding and banditry, the populace fear them and the new power of their Queen.

Using her new powers, she has expanded the dominion's borders several times, and has also attracted the attention of more powerful people, and forces.

I'm intending to have Enerahna as a young and still uncertain ruler who is trying to manage the awesome power of a nifty artifact and not fall under it's influence (I'm thinking to link it to Moraine, God of Empire, stolen from the Way of the Tiger gamebooks from my childhood).  Players can anger her and flee or overthrow her, or help her understand the powers of the crown and uncover the true intentions of the mysterious figure...

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